Join us at Homestead Apothecary's new location for a group meditation centered around special themes and visualizations.  Visualization is a technique that guides the meditation journey through dream-like images, sensations, supportive affirmations, and balancing/connected states of being.  Fly.... Meet your spirit guide... Walk on another planet.... Shapeshift into animal forms....  Peel back layers of the self.....There are infinite possibilities in a visualization. These guided meditations are a gateway to traditional meditation for those who are new to the technique, as well as an excellent alternative tool for manifestation, mental/emotional balance, creativity and deep relaxation for those who are experienced meditators.  A group session is an excellent way to experience meditation in a community setting where regular meditators can meet and discuss the practice. 


1 hour guided meditation/ visualization session



10 minute brief instruction / Q& A,

50 minute guided meditation 

herbal infusion/tea drink


Students bring : 

yoga mat or blanket to lay on

optional: blanket to cover up or warm clothes

optional: pillow and/or yoga bolster 


Peruse the monthly medtitation sessions below and click the link to register.  Please contact or use the contact form in the menu if you have any questions.

Meet Your Spirit Guide, 
Create Your Dream Shelter
August 7th, 11 am   


Journey into the Secret Dakini
Sept 4th, 4 PM


 Have you ever wanted to meet your spirit guide? A spirit guide is a being or presence that represents some aspect of your highest self and can provide insight into your life's path.  We all have access to a multitude of spirit guides in different forms that can visit us when we need to draw upon wisdom and clarity.  Spirit guides may appear in the form of animals, aliens, ancestors, light beings, orbs, etc.  Spirit guides are unique to each person and can vary for each individual from one meditation to the next.  The perfect time to hold space with a spirit guide is when you feel puzzled by life's big questions, are looking for direction, or want to reconnect with your true essence. The perfect place to host this meeting is an oasis of your own creation, a space of safety and imagination perfectly suited to you. In this meditation session you will be guided to build your own special dreamworld shelter for you to access at any time and host spirit guides to visit you and provide insight to your questions.  Through this meditation you will gain the tools to continue this magical practice on your own, whenever you need to seek refuge in your dream shelter or consult with your spirit guide.  


Using special visualizations developed for each card of the very sacred Secret Dakini oracle deck, you are led through a Dakini spread drawn for this meditation group.  The Secret Dakini was developed by mystical feminist artist Penny Slinger in the 1970s as a gateway into understanding your spiritual path.  The powerful collaged imagery and mystical undercurrent of the deck lends itself to an intense visualization experience. As a communal alternative to Lise's private Dakini meditation sessions, she draws a 5 card spread on behalf of the group and takes the meditators on a journey flowing through each visualization in sequence.  Feel united with the spirits around you on a dream hike through cosmic lands in this group session.  


Self Care & Healing 

with Vessel Oracle Deck


October 2nd,  11 AM

Scorpio Meditation: 

Shadows, seasonal Shifts, & impermanance


November 6,  4 PM

 This meditation seeks to be an elixir for those struggling with stress, emotional turmoil, or anxiety.  In this session we will use Mary Elizabeth Evan's Vessel Oracle deck to guide us through healing and self-care.  Vessel is a special tool to assess your spiritual and mental state.  A spread will be drawn specifically for this meditation group that addresses the issues we bring to the session and Lise will take the group through a sequence of visualizations to bring about emotional balance, heal each concern, relieve tension, encourage positive self-talk, and enjoy well-being.  You will walk away from this session with meditation tools to use at home and work to relieve stress.  



Scorpio season has begun.  On November 6th we experience a time shift signaling the end of Day Light Savings, but the broader Scorpio season also marks a time of transition from light to dark, summer to winter, and encompasses a potent sequence of holy days and cultural markers as diverse as Diwali to Dia De Los Muertos. The earth's change of season is a potent metaphor for our lives, and across many cultures, autumn is a reminder of impermanence, flexibility, light vs dark, and transition.  Autumn is an ideal time to let go and experience grounding. This group meditation will focus on embracing our Scorpio traits, recognizing impermanence, letting go, and connecting with our spirit selves.