Visualization : Deep Dream State Journey Guided Meditations & Ritual 

 Visualization is a specific meditation technique that guides the experience through dream-like images, sensations, supportive affirmations, and balancing & connected states of being.  


Fly.... Meet your spirit guide... Walk on another planet.... Shapeshift into animal forms....  Peel back layers of the self.....

There are infinite possibilities in a visualization.


After studying traditional meditation and creative visualizations as a tool in my creative process, I began developing my own techniques to lead friends through focused sessions. Guided meditations are a gateway to traditional meditation for those who are new to the technique as well as an excellent alternative tool for manifestation, mental/emotional balance, creativity and deep relaxation for those who are experienced meditators.  I am opening my practice to guide both private individual and group meditation sessions.    


Guided visualizations can vary from 20 minute energy refreshers to 60 deep dream journeys.   Every visualization is specifically created for you and no two visualization sessions are exactly alike.  They can be guided by Oracle spread readings or simply by the personal goals and questions you bring with you that day.


For in-person sessions & group sessions, please inquire in the contact section of the site. Group sessions can vary from 60 minute session to 2-3 hour private workshops.


Stay tuned to my instagram announcements for group visualizations in the Bay Area.



Private sessions :            


First time guided skype session (90 minutes) include: 


15 minute instruction and Q&A about

Shakti Gawain's creative visualizations technique

20 minute Secret Dakini Oracle reading of a 5 card spread

45 minute guided meditation based upon your Dakini spread, 

leading you through a series of 5 visualizations

And 10 minute discussion of your symbols and visualization tools

for you to utilize your journey


**You can purchase a first-time session in the shop section 


Repeat client private skype meditation rates (60 minutes): 


10 minute discussion of current goals and needs:

Option to have an oracle reading to guide your meditation using a deck of your choice,

or to have your meditation created using specific goals you would like to achieve. 


40 minute guided meditation

Determined either by you oracle spread or your goals


10 minute discussion of your symbols and visualiation tools moving forward 




**Please message me through the contact section or email to schedule a repeat client meditation

Pictured above is one of the oracle decks used for visualizations, 'Vessel' by Mary Elizabeth Evans