Natural Cotton Braid Rope

Natural Cotton Braid Rope


Each hank is 50 continuous feet of rope in the diameter of your choice, 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) or 3/8 inch (9.5 mm)


*Made in the USA

*Natural, creamy cotton braid

*free of pesticides & chemicals

*premium soft, smooth texture 

*firm & contains a synthetic core

    for strength & shape


Two thickness options: 

Slim 1/4 inch

Chunky 3/8 inch


1/4 inch is used in my Knot Basics Class

3/8 inch is used in my Wallhangings Class


Which rope should I get? 


Keep in mind, the slimmer the rope, the further the length will go.  Chunkier rope requires more length for the same knots.  


50 feet of 1/4 inch rope is the standard for my knot basics workshop and will allow you to make a collection of individual knots or a small wallhanging.  Its a great size for a new student to start with and test knots out.  This is also a great size/length to give as a gift to someone who is beginning knotting.


50 feet of 3/8 inch rope is the standard for my wallhanging workshop and will allow you to make a medium-large wallhanging or several smaller wallhangings.  This length and diameter of rope can be overwhelming and difficult to work with for some new students, it certainly recommended for someone ambitious, experienced in similar crafts, enjoys the feel of working with chunky cord, and/or very interested to make a medium or large wallhanging. 




Pictured in hand are photos of:

3/8 inch diameter (first photo) & 1/4 inch diameter  (last photo)

The knots around the book are made with 25 feet of 1/4 inch rope

The cloud knot wallhanging was made with 50 feet of 3/8 inch rope