Knot Basic Instructional E-course

Knot Basic Instructional E-course





Build a new skill & develop a fulfilling practice with me


This Knot Basic course is perfect for both the absolute beginner as well as the student with a background in knots or a related fiber medium just looking for a refresher course or to fill in the gaps of their knowledge.


This course was designed to both work linearly from start to finish in a flow that builds skill through video, pdf, exercises, a quiz, summary notes for each module, and also work well for those who prefer to skip around to modules that suit their needs.


It contains detailed information you won't find anywhere else on materials and how to select the right cord for the right project.This course contains some material that is independent from my book Sacred Knots: Create, Adorn, and Transform Through the Art of Knotting it can serve as an all-encompassing companion to the book or as a stand alone complete primer.


Get discounts and references toward both knotting supplies and future intermediate level course



Course Goals You Will Accomplish: 


  • Set up your workspace and gather the right tools for your practice
  • Discover material options and how to select the best cord for your projects
  • Understand the fundamental principles of knotting
  • Tie 9 knots of different styles


Purchasing this course will give you a downloadable document with course access instructions.  This is a self-guided course and you will have unlimited access forever! You can complete the course at your own pace whenever you like.