Oracle Visualization Session

Visualization is a specific meditation technique that guides the experience through dream-like images, sensations, supportive affirmations, and balancing & connected states of being.  

Fly.... Meet your spirit guide... Walk on another planet.... Shapeshift into animal forms.... Peel back layers of the self..... There are infinite possibilities in visualization.

Guided meditations are a gateway to traditional meditation for those who are new to the technique as well as an excellent alternative tool for manifestation, mental/emotional balance, creativity and deep relaxation for those who are experienced meditators. This session is an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one, and can be purchased and printed as a gift card.

This guided visualization is a 90 min. Skype session including an introduction to the technique of creative visualization, oracle card reading, & 40 minute deep dream journey. Every visualization is specifically created for you in this moment so that no two visualization sessions are exactly alike. They are guided by Oracle spread readings using the Secret Dakini and Spirit Speak's Vessel deck, as well as the personal goals and questions you bring with you on the day. After the session you will not only have an oracle spread to reference as you move through this time in your life, you will also learn the technique of creative visualization, and have 5 specific visions to self-guide through your own mediation practice.

First time guided skype session (90 minutes) include:

* 15 min. instruction and Q&A about Shakti Gawain's
creative visualizations technique

* 15-20 min. Secret Dakini Oracle reading of a 5 card spread
& 1 Vessel state of being card pull

* 40-45 min. guided meditation based upon your Dakini spread,
leading you through a series of 5 visualizations

*15 min. discussion of your symbols & visualization tools
moving forward

*A photo of your oracle spread for reference

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    **Meditations are conducted via Skype,
    Scheduling is available 9AM-10PM PST, Mon-Sun

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