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The Ultimate Beginner's Knotting Kit

The Ultimate Beginner's Knotting Kit


This limited edition pack includes:


1. Sacred Knots : Create, Adorn, & Transform Through the Art of Knotting - A 152 page book of instruction, creative exercises and projects to build a knotting practice that will fuel creativity and inspire mindfulness. With illustrated step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn to tie basic knots and then develop skills further to create larger projects that focus on color and experimentation with unconventional materials.

2. 50 feet of 3/8 in diameter Natural Cotton Braid Rope


3. A variety mixed pack of color coordinated large ceramic, gemstone, brass, and/or wood pendants/beads to experiment sewing into your knots


4.A small spool of thread and a needle


5. Knot Basic E-course: A self-guided online program through the fundamentals of knotting which includes hours of exercises, video, and instruction to dive into (Normally $48, included free with this pack)


6. A starter skein of peach cotton blend yarn


7. A few feet of paracord for practice and experimentation


8. A knot sticker sheet for fun

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