Vessel Oracle Deck & Visualization Zine Set

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Vessel Oracle Deck and Vessel Visualization zine set


There are only three sets in stock! Even though they were shrinkwrapped, each deck box has cosmetic flaws like scratches and dings to the box from storage, which is why these three sets are offered at 15% off. (The cards inside the box are in perfect condition)


Vessel Oracle Deck is a sweet and whimsical oracle deck consisting of 35 cards and a little guide book explaining the meaning of each card. The name Vessel comes from the idea that our heart is a vessel, containing our deepest of feelings. That’s what these cards represent, feelings and emotions that past through us and call for our attention. The tarot has 78 cards which can take time to become familiar with, but by contrast, each card in the Vessel deck has simple themes that we can all relate to right away, such as; love, healing, light, and, communication. These cards can be used in addition to tarot or by themselves in a simple one or three card reading.


The Vessel Visualization zine is a 24 page zine describing visualization-- a form of meditation where the meditator focuses on images and message as a way of connecting with their intuition-- and how it can be used in conjungtion with Vessel Oracle Deck. The zine consists of several card spreads you can use in your readings, description and instructions for visualization, and space to record your visions.