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Lise Silva is an artist living in Oakland, CA and working from her studio in Berkeley. Strongly influenced by meditation, mysticism, classic film, psycedelic illustration, surrealism, and art deco design, Her obsessions include :  dream sequences, felines, femme fatales, pining girls, secrets, lost treasures, ghosts from the past, haunted people, nine lives, waking, sleeping, dreaming, and the fourth state. 


She explores the power of symbols through her work with Sacred Knots creating fiber jewelry and wallhangings with handmade cord entwined in knot designs that serve as a metaphor for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires. 


In addition to the art of knotting, Lise's fiber work encompasses sewing, wrapping,and tassel-making.  Her handmade cord is a part of the unique aesthetic of her work.  Sacred Knots are made by winding cotton thread around rope.  In a simple, meditative technique known as 'wrapping' a long, single thread wraps continuously down the entire length of the rope.  The newly created cord is then knotted and emblazoned with tassels, beads or brass.  Sacred Knots encompasses both a retail line of designs, changing yearly, that she creates in many colors, and an exclusive artwear line of one-of-a-kind pieces.  She introduces several mini artwear collections per year made of with premium materials, each design as unique as the stars in the sky.  Her artwear is specifically made for ceremony and she loves creating custom pieces for weddings and other ceremonial events.   


Her collaborative jewelry designs with metal worker and Spirit Speak tarot creator Mary Elizabeth Evans, called In The House of Lovers, is a ceremonial collection of Artwear where they experiment with innovative design and mythic iconography.


As an extension of Lise's exploration in symbology, meditation and visualization are a tool in her creative process. She leads guided meditations as a tool for manifestation, lucid dreaming, mental/emotional balance, creativity and relaxation.  


Her work has been described as dreamy, feminine, mystical, and mysterious.  


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