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I'm Lise

(Portuguese spelling 

pronounced just like Lizzie)

I am an artist living and working in Oakland, CA..

I explore the power of ancient symbols and the grounding, restorative nature of ancestral craft with Sacred Knots which is a line of fiber jewelry, wallhangings and instructionals.  My wallhanging designs have been featured in set design by interior design platforms such as Lulu & Georgia and my jewelry has been commissioned for ceremonial events, such as weddings.

My book Sacred Knots: Create, Transform, and Adorn Through the Art of Knotting, published by Roost Books November 3, 2020, details my approach to knot work, offering historical knot information, craft instruction, meditative approaches, tutorials, and project ideas. I have offered knotting workshops for four years, at diverse gatherings such as craft workshop venues, birthdays, and employee events. 


As an artist and teacher in the craft community, facing frequent theft of my designs over the years by both crafters and corporations, I have written extensively about ethics in crafting, how artists and crafters can develop a community-grounded art practice, and how businesses can build more socially responsible models. My work culminated in Craft & Practice: Meditations on Creativity and Ethics, a booklet and a creative support group. I have also begun to offer consultation services to help businesses align with community grounded practices. I have offered consultation services to various businesses and lectured on creativity ethics at venues such as the Girl Gang Craft Summit.

As an extension of my exploration in symbology and the creativity, I have developed visualization as a tool in my creative process.  I have led and instructed in guided meditations as a tool for manifestation, lucid dreaming, mental/emotional balance, creativity and relaxation.  


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Ways you can connect with my work: 


I offer custom Sacred Knots artwear pieces and wallhangings upon commission request, but you can also visit my webshop to see if I have current items available and see the art prints and zines. 

I offer workshops and lectures on Sacred Knots and Craft & Practice Creative Support. If you have a venue or group and you would like to host me offering a workshop on either, feel free to contact me. 

In alignment with Craft & Practice, I have developed a creative support group through my Patreon where I post weekly writings on the creative process, discounts, and behind the scenes from my work with Wovenutopia. 

You can also dive deeper into my work with fiber by checking out Wovenutopia and following Wovenutopia on Instagram.

You can read more about my journey developing my art practice below.



Instagram:  @lisesilva

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While I spent my life from childhood studying painting, sewing, and various other art and craft mediums, my career path began in Sociology, as a undergrad and later a grad student studying sociology the PhD level. After a few years I eventually left my program and returned to my art practice, concentrating on photography and illustration. I began studying fiber around 2012 and developed the aesthetic I used for Sacred Knots around 2014. By entwining cord in knot designs that serve as metaphors for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires, I created jewelry and knotting.. In addition to knotting, I incorporate sewing, wrapping, latch hooking, punch needle, and tassel-making. My handmade cord is a part of the unique aesthetic of Sacred Knots, created by winding cotton thread around rope. In a simple, meditative technique known as 'wrapping' a long, single thread wraps continuously down the entire length of the rope. The newly created cord is then knotted and emblazoned with tassels, beads or brass.  Sacred Knots encompasses both a retail line of designs, and an artwear line of one-of-a-kind pieces.  While I have used some traditional knots for my work, most of my wallhangings and jewelry are knot designs I have invented.I love creating ceremonial jewelry and in 2015 made collaborative jewelry designs with metal worker and Spirit Speak tarot creator Mary Elizabeth Evans, called In The House of Lovers, to experiment with innovative multi-medium designs and mythic iconography.


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