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 Care Instructions for Sacred Knots

Wear your piece with care

Sacred Knots necklaces have a lifetime connection to their maker If you need a repair, alteration or would like to upgrade your piece, please use the form below. Normal wear and tear repairs are done at a small fee for labor and shipping.

Caring for fiber jewelry is very different than your standard metal based pieces. Made from the same materials as your clothing, fiber jewelry can wear just like your favorite sweater.  While some people love the story told by a well worn piece, others want to keep their favorites looking pristine.  And just like with clothing, the frequency and conditions in which you wear fiber jewelry will determine how it fairs over time; it may need small repairs as it ages.  

GROOMING TASSELS:  tassels can easily become wrinkled when they are stored or transported.  To straighten and fluff tassels, dampen a wide tooth comb under water and gently comb through the tassels applying even pressure with each stroke until the wrinkles release.  Hang dry overnight.  If a tassel thread slips out with wear, avoid pulling loose threads, instead trim off low hanging piece.  Tassels are a more high maintenance part of the necklace so they need reguarly care-- just like clothing-- to look their best.  


TO REMOVE FUZZ AND LINT from cords: apply a strong piece of packing tape to the cord and gently lift the lint off by peeling off each strip of tape.  


TO REMOVE STAINS ON THE CORD:  quickly blot to spot clean with a lightly soapy cloth to absorb the stain.  Use a gentle dishwashing soap or Dr Bronner's.  Hang or lay flat to dry overnight. 


CLEANING BRASS : Brass tarnishes over time and with exposure to the elements.  The tarnish creates an antique charm but it's also fun to lift the tarnish and restore its golden mirror shine.  To clean the brass purchase a brass polish from your local store or an Ace Hardware. Use a soft cloth and a tiny bit of polish at a time--- a little goes a long way.  Rub, rub, rub and use a Qtip for the fine edges, taking care not to get the polish on the fiber cord.


STORING  your necklace: for lighter pieces and most pieces with tassels, hang it on the wall from a tack or nail.  For bulkier pieces, due to the weight of the embellishments, its best to lay it flat in a protected area or jewelry box-- leave ample space and avoid scrunching it up so it doesn't kink the cord.  To avoid tassel wrinkles, allow it to hang free and avoid scrunching it up or layering other objects on top and around it.  


TRAVELING with your necklace:  for best results, sandwich your necklace with pieces of cardboard and insert into a ziplock bag.   


AVOID:  Sleeping, exercising, hiking, or showering in your necklace.  Avoid getting the piece wet or wearing in dusty, rainy, and hot/humid climates as this will accelerate wear and tear.  

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