Sacred Knots 2015

Sacred Knots is a collection of fiber jewelry based upon the ancient art form of knotting.  Folk artists, mariners, and skilled craftspeople symbolically expressed deep desires, created solutions for everyday problems, and decorated objects using simple materials and hours of skillful experimentation entwining cords. From the goddess energy expressed by the Celtic knots to the manifestation power inherent in Chinese knots, each one is imbued with symbolism.


The Sacred Knots collection utilizes vintage & modern fibers to create new jewelry interpretations of the complex ornamental and function knots in the collective consciousness, developed over centuries by our countless unnamed ancestors around the world.  Most pieces feature cords made from rope, hand wrapped with lots of time and love in yards of Egyptian cotton thread.  After making the cords, they are knotted, and sewn with tassels, beads, and brass.  



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