Sacred Knots



Below are some of my own knot designs as well as some traditional knot designs that I frequently use. Click any image for the full description of the meaning and/or origin of the knot. 

The vibration knot is my design twist on the pipa knot that symbolizes beauty in music and sound waves. The pipa knot was created to make the shape of the stringed instrument so my twist plays on the echoing, rippling shape extending this idea as a visual symbol of energy.
This womb-like knot represents the nurturing and care of motherhood
Another essential symbol across ancient cultures is a triangle-- the pyramid. The pyramid can represent power structures, order, and focus.
Colibri/Kolibri is the word for hummingbird genus in several European languages. They represent lightness of being, quickness, curiosity, air sign energy, and sweetness.
The loop is one of the essential symbols across ancient cultures. Circular images represent movement (the wheel), sources of power (the sun), cycles of life (the solar system and planet rotation) and completion (a circle)
This simple overhand knot with the loop extended large, brings attention to the negative space and the transformative symbol of the circle
Widow's Web
This knot mimics the intricacies of spiders web, and as a spider traps insects in her web, the negative spaces between cords in this knot are filled with gems to represent treasures and memories that we want to hang on to.
Double Coin
The Double Coin (also called the Josphine Knot) is a traditional knot that signifies wealth in the Chinese tradition (as you can see overlapping coins) and the embrace of lovers in the European tradition (as it also looks like embracing arms, interlocked)
Based on the astrological sign, this knot also represents the symbol of a bull and his horns but also, the celestial relationship of the sun and moon through the brass pieces.
The box knot is a simple, square knot, but extrapolating beyond the obvious we have the mystery that a box represents. What is contained inside?
This knot I designed evokes the face of a panther, which symbolizes shift and fierce justice.
The Venus knot is about the union of two souls in love.
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