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Ladder Necklace

Ladder Necklace


To celebrate the release of my Sacred Knots Book I am doing a limited release of some of my classic jewelry designs.


Please note that this is a pre-order and all jewelry orders will be shipped on December 10, 2020.

Ladder Necklace >>>

The double coin knot is an ancient Chinese knot symbolizing prosperity & good fortune.

Chinese knotting tradition is very focused on manifestation of the traits and goals the knots represent. Mimicking two overlapping coins in its design, the energy of this knot was said to invite/create wealth in the life of the owner. This series of three stacked double coin knots, one anchored upon the other, represents a ladder-- adding another dimension of meaning to this piece.

Made with love, every yard of cord is hand-wrapped in satiny Egyptian cotton thread. The bottom layer of knots is lined with soft ivory cotton tassels. Deceptively light, this necklace floats against the body. Falls 18 inches long from clasp to bottom of the tassels.

*** If you want a color that is not on the color chart, choose 'CUSTOM ORDER' for an additional $5 charge and message me your preference at check out.

Custom order colors include:

Mayan marigold
Peacock teal
Autumn orange
Soft clay
Dark slate grey
African violet
Serpent green

(Pictured: Ginger color)

Sacred Knots is a collection of fiber jewelry depicting the timeless craft through which folk artists & mariners symbolically expressed deep desires. This collection is a modern jewelry interpretation of knots in the collective consciousness, developed by our countless unnamed ancestors around the world.

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