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Sacred Knots


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In 2014 I developed my Sacred Knots jewelry style, by experimentation with various fiber and jewelry-making techniques: hand wrapping luxe cotton thread around rope, knotting the resulting cord, and embellishing the design with gemstones, tassels, and brass findings. When I began, my pieces were exclusively created with traditional knot designs but as I developed the Sacred Knots aesthetic, I began inventing more and more of my own unique knot designs. Though playful experimentation, I created new knots that symbolize concepts, elements of the natural world, and dreams.


Winding thread, each coil on top of the next, down several feet of rope was part of my meditative art practice and the resulting pieces were created with ceremony in mind. Each piece usually takes 3 to 6  hours to create from start to finish. 

I created two different lines for Sacred Knots, one of more casual and minimal pieces, and an artwear line of bold experimental non-traditional jewelry adornments.

I am currently making commission pieces made to order, use the contact form below to inquire on pricing or commission a piece.

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