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Thank you, everyone, for supporting my teaching practice these past years. 


I have learned so much through the experience & it has been amazing to connect with so many sweet students.  I'm so excited to move on to new projects that will require a lot of time & concentration, so I am announcing my final workshop dates.  Whether this is permanent or just a long hiatus from teaching, I'm not sure, but these are likely the last dates I will ever teach my Knot Sequence Wallhanging Workshop. 

Last workshop tour dates are below!

Wondering which workshop to sign up for? 

KNOT BASICS:  a lower price point, fun, quick class.  In this class you do not learn to create a wallhanging, but rather a small collection of knots.  With the techniques learned in this course you will walk away with the knowledge you need to create a large workshop with additional home practice if you so choose.  This class is perfect for beginner's without crafting or knotting experience & those who want to sample knotting without making a large financial or time investment.  Its a fun & social class to take with friends as it has a relaxed, casual pace.  Its also a great summer class for parents to take with kids over age 11.  


SACRED KNOT SEQUENCE WALLHANGING WORKSHOP:  this is the ultimate 4 hour crash course for those who want to leave class with a medium to large, finished wallhanging.  This class if perfect for those who have any prior crafting experience, want to complete their project by the end of class &/or those who don't have the time or the knowledge to gather the necessary materials, as this class includes everything from 50 feet of rope to a knotting board you can take home for future work.  The style of this meditative & quiet as this level of knotting takes a lot of concentration.  There is also a spiritual dimension to this class for those who want to connect the practice to goal manifestation. This class fast tracks months of DIY knotting practice into a concise 4 hour session.

july 21 - la, ca (CULVER CITY) at FEstoon LA , PART OF 100 LAYER CAKE 

Sacred Knot Sequence WallHANGING WORKSHOP : SIGN UP ! 

JULY 22 - LA, CA (SILVER LAKE) at maker's mess

knot Basics workshop :  Sign up ! 

JULY 28 -SANTA CRUZ, CA at Cameron Marks


Sacred Knot sequence wallhanging workshop : SIGN UP ! 

August 18 AM - LA, CA (DTLA) AT POKETO's new project space


AUGUST 18 PM  - LA, CA (DTLA) AT POKETO's new project space


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UPDATE 6/16/18 :  

Thank you for your endless support & encouragement in sharing the information below relating to the ethics of creativity & craftsmanship.  I have created a workbook style 'zine called
Craft & Practice: Meditations on Creativity & Ethics that encompasses the info from the pdf  & more with proceeds from every sale toward charity.  The next printing will be available in a couple weeks.   If you would like to pre-order a large quantity for your group, email me at Orders over 5 copies are eligible for wholesale pricing.  



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