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Sacred Knots


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Learn how to create wallhangings, jewelry, & develop an intentional, grounding creative practice with fibercraft

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 Sacred Knots: Create Adorn

& Transform through the

Art of Knotting 

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I have been teaching my approach to knotting in class settings, as a craft book author, and now e-courses for the past few years. 

My blend of wide ranging fiber craft mediums and techniques makes my work uniquely grounded in ancestral wisdom while unachored from traditional categories. The combination of sewing, knotting, tassels, metal working embellishments, gems, and color palette that I developed over the past six years defines my work aesthetic. 





Additional resources

for furthering your skills

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Sacred Knots: Knot Basics

Enrollment is Open!


Tools & Materials

How to read diagrams

How to knot and pin

10 different foundational knots

How to double, triple, etc strand your knots

Includes a supplementary PDF with: 

Diagrams, instructions, detailed material specs,
supply sources & additional resources


Sacred Knots: Knot Sequencing

Release Date: May 2021


Vertical construction knot sequencing

Making medium and large wallhangings

Sewing your knot designs

Tassel making 

Embellishing knots with beads, stones, and more

Includes a supplementary PDF with: 

Wallhanging template designs, knot meanings,

tips and highlights, supply sources & additional resources

Ancestral Yarns: Weaving Meditation, Collective Memory, and Fibercraft 

Release date: 10/2021


Meditative fiber craft

Designing your own knots

Historical Knotting & ancestral traditions

Knot meanings & intention setting with your work

Includes a supplementary PDF with: 

Grounding, meditative exercises, printable meditation and project intention cards, historical information on ancestral traditions

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Weaving your Dreamscape - Discovering your Personal Color Narrative within Fibercraft

Release date: 04/2021

is an self-guided e-book that covers: 

An overview of the basics of traditional color theory

Fiber as the overlap of color and texture

Exercises for discovering & developing your personal palette

Sample templates for color palettes 

An overview of surface treatment basics 

Tips and tricks for finding supplies

Video Module: A tour through my personal color influences through my home objects


I offer two in person knotting workshops below


(NOTE: All in-person workshops are paused due to

the pandemic. If you have a group, venue, organization

and would like to host a knotting course in the future,

potentially in 2021, please submit the contact form

to the right. )

KNOT BASICS:  a lower price point, fun, quick class.  In this class you do not learn to create a wallhanging, but rather a small collection of knots.  With the techniques learned in this course you will walk away with the knowledge you need to create a large workshop with additional home practice if you so choose.  This class is perfect for beginner's without crafting or knotting experience & those who want to sample knotting without making a large financial or time investment.  Its a fun & social class to take with friends as it has a relaxed, casual pace.  Its also a great summer class for parents to take with kids over age 11.  


SACRED KNOT SEQUENCE WALLHANGING WORKSHOP:  this is the ultimate 4 hour crash course for those who want to leave class with a medium to large, finished wallhanging.  This class if perfect for those who have any prior crafting experience, want to complete their project by the end of class &/or those who don't have the time or the knowledge to gather the necessary materials, as this class includes everything from 50 feet of rope to a knotting board you can take home for future work.  The style of this meditative & quiet as this level of knotting takes a lot of concentration.  There is also a spiritual dimension to this class for those who want to connect the practice to goal manifestation. This class fast tracks months of DIY knotting practice into a concise 4 hour session.

 If you would like to inquire about hosting a workshop

for your group, shop, or venue, please complete & 

submit this inquiry below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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