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Intuitive Colorscape Color Workshop Course

Sign up ends March 27th

Welcome to 

Your Intuitive Colorscape: 
Expressing Your Creative Vision through Color

A Four Week Workshop Series

Diving into rich, textural color magic, across creative mediums & materials, to guide and support the unfolding of your unique, intuitive color language

March 20- April 14th

>> Permanent access to coursework & extended access to workshop recordings will be provided for those who can't attend live sessions <<

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Color 2.jpg
Crumpled Fabric


This 4 week course (with an added bonus week) is a passion project I have been developing over the past two years and there is no better time to dive into the rich, juicy magic of color than this transition from winter, welcoming Spring.


Consisting of a mix of traditional color theory and intuitive approaches that uncover the deeper dreams, memories, and desires to unlock to your unique color story, and a focus on immersive sensory color experiences, it includes: weekly group meetings via Zoom, visualization sessions, a workshop with guest teacher Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman, course materials, a booklet of pdf exercises, sample templates, and color palettes to explore. Thanks to photographer Erin Conger, the booklet includes textural, color-rich still-lifes I staged to illustrate the text and inspire color play.

Who is this course for? 

  1. This workshop series is for ALL people at any stage in their creative practice who want to explore color. Practitioners of all varieties and mediums are welcome as we unpack color secrets, quirks, tips, and quandaries across specific art mediums, including paint, fiber, digital and more.

  2. Those that want to deepen their relationship to color, experience the mystery of color, and express more nuanced feelings, cultural references, and personal narratives through color 

  3. Creators & professionals outside traditional art disciplines that want to develop an authentic and cohesive aesthetic for their overall visual branding or for specific projects

  4. Artists and designers who want to unfold a deeply personal and unique signature style through color, while finding out what their intuitive color tendencies reflect about them

Abstract Paint
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Course Curriculum

This course includes:

  • Weekly coursework with readings, tools, exercises, and optional supplementary resources for those that want to go deeper outside of classes

  • An extensive full color pdf booklet with beautiful photo examples, templates, sample palettes, tools, diagrams, and text

  • Three 1.5 hour Zoom meetings for exercises and discussions

  • One 1.5 hour workshop by guest teacher Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

The topics covered :

Traditional Color Theory

Color as a compass for creativity

Intuitive techniques for color selection

Tools for unlocking your personal colorscape

Color as a language for visual communication

Experiencing color intimately 

Building a signature palette & project palettes

Working with color cohesively

In this class you will: 


  • Learn/refresh your knowledge of traditional color theory 

  • Get tips and tricks to use the art of illusion (the overlap of creativity with magic) & colorplay in your creative practice

  • Learn how diverse mediums like paint, fiber, digital photo/video have unique color quirks

  • Unlock deep dreams and memories through exercises to find your signature color palette

  • Discover how to use your intuition to speak through color

  • Express narratives, emotions, & cultural references with color

  • Develop your unique, cohesive aesthetic, style or branding through color

  • Receive guidance through exercises, visualizations, and group conversations

  • Get templates, formulas, tools and guides to help you discover your personal palette

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Course Schedule

Week 1 - The Foundation: The Science of Color & Traditional Color Theory 

  • Coursework to lay the foundation of science and traditional color theory

  • Additional materials & tools for research and development of projects

  • Defining our goals


Week 2 - Color Magic: Secrets, illusions, tips, tricks, & curiosities across

mediums from fiber to pigment to digital

  • 1.5 hr Group meeting to discuss our creative projects, goals, or inquiries (via Zoom)

March 27th 1pm-2:30 PST (recorded for those who can't make the live class)

  • Access to an extensive PDF booklet to use over the following weeks with exercises & sample templates


Week 3 - Color as a Compass: Intuition & Unlocking your personal color narrative 

  • Coursework and exercises on intuitive approaches to color

  • 1.5 hour Group Meeting with visualizations & exercises for developing a color language (via Zoom)- April 6th  6pm-7:30pm PST  (recorded for those who can't make the live class)


Week 4 - Building out your Colorscape: Defining your palette

  • Final Projects: Closing Exercises

  • 1.5 hour Workshop with Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman (via Zoom) - See below description

  April 16th  10am - 12pm PST (recorded for those who can't make the live class) 

¡Los Colores! : Pathways to Color Intimacy & Creative Fulfillment 

Take your relationship with color to the next level of subtlety in this interactive workshop with Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman of Active Culture Family. Together we will explore 3 unique, nature based, color-centric, contemplative practices for developing intimacy with place, as a source of multidimensional health and creative fulfillment.


Week 5 - Processing & Presentation (Optional / Bonus)

  • Bonus 1 hr Group meeting : Final discussion & presenting our palettes (via Zoom)
    OPTIONAL April 21st  4pm-5pm PST 

The Guest Teacher

erin .jpeg

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman is a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner specializing in sacred plant medicines for communication and relationship, and leading Active Family Culture. Erin is engaged in the continued study of Plant Medicine, Active Dreaming, and Goddess Traditions from around the world as gateways into the richness of direct personal experience of uncurated reality.

Color Spectrum Red 2019- Lise Silva Gomes.jpeg

Q & A 

  • Q: What If I have technical problems?

    All sessions are live Zoom classes, please familiarize with the site prior to class to avoid technical or connection issues. Sign up and download the app to your phone prior to class or log in via computer. Computer attendance is preferred as Zoom's mobile platform may limit your participation in the chat box or your view of visual aids. If you have technical issues you can view session recordings posted the following day.

  • Q: If I can't make the live class, can I watch later?

    Yes! Recordings will be available for each session for watching later. Sessions will be accessible up to 1 month after the workshop. While its encouraged to join live if you can because its offers an interactive aspect to the class, if you can't attend any of the live session times, let me know and we can work in a couple check-in's via email so you can still receive feedback.  


  • Q: How late can I enroll in the series?

  • Enrollment is accepted until Mar 27th. Although the course begins on Mar 20th, the first week is color theory coursework which will be a refresher for most people and doesn't include any group meetings. 

  • Q: Do you offer refunds?

  • This workshop series package is deeply discounted and involves the payment of the guest teacher so no refunds will be given. 

  • Q: Do you offer Scholarships?

  • In lieu of scholarships, I am offering  a deeply discounted overall class price with an additional early bird sale discount as this is the first ever session.



  • Out of respect for the workshop teachers and students, we ask that information specific to the  workshops are not share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share. 

    Questions? Email: 

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