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Sept 2016

Show at Edo Salon & Gallery in collaboration 

with Jessie Zechnowitz 

& Holly Makagon

Model: May Daniels

In the fall of 2016 conceptualized a show with Jessie and Holly to combine florals with fiber jewelry and wallhangings. For additional impact we borrowed some beautiful caftans from Ginger Caftan to create the installations with the necklaces and floral 'heads'.

We envisioned the mood as a wild, romantic dried floral landscape. Jessie and Holly were inspired by Protea and largely salvaged the plant materials for the wallhangings. 

The wallhangings were freeform sculptures that I made with over a thousand feet of rope hand dyed in my kitchen (dried off my apartment balcony) and hand sewn. 

I asked May Daniels to model several pieces from the collection at my studio.

Click an individual photo to enlarge.

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