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Welcome to 

Craft & Practice Workshop Series

A seasonal resource providing tools, guidance, & support for artists, makers, and creators of all mediums in all stages of the creative practice

Course enrollment ends September 15

Lecture series enrollment ends Sept 20

Individual class sign ups remain open until the morning of the class

See Enrollment Options & Schedule Below
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This workshop series guides you on your path to creating a thriving, abundant creative practice in any medium, at any stage. From finding your unique creative voice to developing strong professional boundaries... from authentic ways to find inspiration to valuing your creative labor... through a combination of exercises, lecture, and small group discussions we will cover all major facets of developing a fulfilling creativity practice. 

Whether your goal is to have a rich personal art practice, a flourishing creative business or both, this workshop will be a supportive place to reset and grow your vision.

Based upon my 2017 booklet Craft & Practice, which has sold over two thousand copies & become an integral staple in many artists' practices, I developed this workshop series to expand upon the content in the booklet and include the wisdom of professional creative peers in a wide range of art mediums and diverse personal and professional pathways.

Should I join? 

  1. This workshop series is for ALL creative people at EVERY stage in their creative practice... So if you do something creatively : write, teach, draw, design, weave, etc, then you should join us. You do NOT need to have a public art practice or a creative career to join us. 

  2. By registering for the complete workshop series you get: 

    1. A deeply discounted price on all courses (Please note: enrollment closed Oct 30) Only individual class sign -ups are open after this date. 

    2. Access to course recordings

    3. Google calendar alerts for each workshop date 

    4. Access to the Craft & Practice Resource Well, an online space filled with articles, visualizations, and resources to explore on your own time.

    5. Access to the private Craft & Practice Discord Group

  3. By investing in this workshop series you are investing in your creative practice, supporting my work to create more spaces for transparent creative community dialogue, and by doing so, helping the creative community as a whole 

  4. Each class is interactive and you will gain tangible tips and techniques to focus, expand and develop your creative practice. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss, and get direct consultation within the classes. 

  5. This workshop series is a tax write off for all self employed people as a professional/career-building educational resource! 

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Who is this workshop series for? 

This Workshop Series is for creative people of all mediums and skill levels: 

makers, artists, creators, performers, writers who relate to any of the below : 

  • If you need a little reset or refresher for your creative practice

  • If you are just learning a new medium and tapping into your creativity for the first time

  • If you are an artist/maker who wants to be more invested into your personal art practice

  • If you are an artist who has a thriving art practice but want new skills/tools  

  • If you are an artist who wants to engage in dialogue with other creative people

  • If you have a creative small business

  • If you want to begin a creative small business

This workshop series aims to help you get clarity in these areas and more:


  • diving deeper into your own unique creative well 

  • finding your signature style or creative voice

  • sharing your creative work publicly & navigating boundaries

  • sustaining a thriving personal creative practice

  • developing a creative community 

  • expanding your practice into a business or expand your creative business

The topics covered will relate to : 


Small Business skills and tools

Finding Inspiration

Developing a community-grounded creative practice

and more! (See class schedule below for more topics) 

While you will have the convenience of recordings to watch classes when you want, the goal for this workshop is also to help you connect to a supportive creative community. You will have access to small group discussion by participating in the live classes & the private Discord group for crowd sourcing resources and post-class discussion.

The Series



1. Building a Community-Grounded Art Practice  -


-- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Sen Mendez 

TUES 10/05 5pm PST/ 8pm EST  (Priced individually at $25-45 sliding scale)

- Approx 1.5 hrs


2. Stepping Into Creative Business: Tools & Strategies for Expanding Your Public Art Practice 


-- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Alicia Goodwin


SAT 10/9 10am PST / 1pm EST (Priced individually at $48-68 sliding scale)

- Approx 2 hrs


3. Conjuring Creativity: A Crash Course on (2,000 years of) Perspectives, 

Resources & Techniques for Channeling Inspiration & Casting Your Practice  


-- Lise Silva Gomes


THURS 10/14 6pm PST / 9 EST (Priced individually at $25-45 sliding scale)

- Approx 1.5 hrs

4. Sustaining a Public Art Practice While Cultivating a Deep Personal Practice


-- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Tessa Perlow

SUN 10/17  10:00am PST /1:00pm EST (Priced individually at $25-45 sliding scale)

- Approx 1.5 hrs

5. Money for Makers: Pricing, Labor & Value of Creative Work 


--- Lise Silva Gomes with guest Sarah K Benning 

SAT 10/23 -  1pm PST / 4pm EST (Priced individually at $40-60 sliding scale)

- Approx 2 hrs




6. Diving Deep through Intuitive Pathways : Finding Inspiration

    & Cultivating Your Voice


-Lise Silva Gomes


WED NOV 3 2pm PST / 5pm EST (Priced individually at $35-48 sliding scale) 

- Approx 2 hrs


7. The Transformative Magic of Slow Creation 


- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Christi Johnson 


Sun Nov 7 10:30 am PST / 1:30  pm EST (Priced individually at $35-55 sliding scale)

- Approx 2 hrs

8. Strategies for Artists & Makers Navigating Capitalism


-Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Jessie-Susannah, The Money Witch


SAT Nov 20 1pm PST / 4pm EST (Priced individually at $20-40 sliding scale)

- Approx 1.5 hrs

9. Boundaries for Artists, Makers, &  Small Biz Owners 


-Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Liz Migliorelli 

SUN Nov 21 3pm PST / 6pm EST (Priced individually at $35-55 sliding scale)

- Approx 2 hrs


10. Weaving Creative Connections through Research, Credit, & Inspiration


-Lise Silva Gomes with guest Laura McLaws Helms

THURS Dec 2 4pm PST / 7pm EST  (Priced individually at $20-40 sliding scale)

- Approx 1.5 hrs

Q & A 


  • Q: What If I have technical problems?

    All classes are live Zoom classes, please familiarize with the site prior to class, to avoid technical or connection issues. Sign up and download the app to your phone prior to class or log in via computer. If you purchase the complete workshop series, you can also view class recordings if you have a technical issue attending the live workshop.


  • Q: Can I skip the live class and watch later?

    Recordings will be available for each class for watching later for all those who buy the complete workshop series. Attendees will be emailed a link to the class recording after the live workshop. 


  • Q: How late can I enroll in the series?

  • Enrollment is accepted until Oct 30--  you will have access to past recordings, if you join up the last day. 

  • Q: Do you offer refunds?

  • This workshop series package is deeply discounted and involves the payment of the many guest teachers so no refunds will be given. 

  • Q: Do you offer Scholarships?

  • In lieu of scholarships, I am offering sliding scale for each individual classes. If you can't afford the entire workshop series, you can just choose any individual class to join 


  • Out of respect for the workshop teachers and students, we ask that information specific to the  workshops are not share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share. 

    Questions? Email: 

The Guest Teachers


Teacher, Author, Podcaster & Artist who specializes in handmade garment construction & embroidery. 


Alicia Goodwin

 Teacher,  Jeweler, & Artist who specializes in jewelry production &



Artist/ Maker

who specializes in hand embroidery & beadwork


Artist/Maker & Author

who specializes in embroidery

Tessa perlow

Sarah k benning

Christi Johnson

Copy of 534259313590.png

Herbalist, Maker & Teacher who specializes plant knowledge for consultation & apothecary creation / production

Copy of 534259313590.png

Fashion & Cultural Historian, Author, & podcaster

Copy of 534259313590.png

Artist & Teacher

who specializes in painting, block printing and community art perspectives

Copy of 534259313590.png

Financial Consultant, Author, & Teacher specializing in intuitive financial coaching, tax preparation & small business consulting

liz migliorelli

Sen mendez


Laura helms

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