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Craft & Practice

Meditations on art & intentional community ground practice

A community-grounded art practice fosters individual creativity while helping to build an supportive and equitable creative ecosystem for all artists.


Valuing cultural and creative works as labor, ancestral legacy, and intellectual property is crucial for building wealth in disenfranchised communities, healing historical trauma, dismantling colonialism and exploitative societal patterns, and course correcting for the future.

Drawing upon my extensive experience as an artist and maker, as well as my background studying Sociology and critical race theory at the Phd level, I have developed several guided platforms outlined below where you can build a community grounded platform with me.

Areas of expertise include: 

  • The personal journey of finding creative inspiration and muses with authenticity

  • Developing inclusive policies, strategies, & community systems that build inclusive creative ecosystems

  • Guidance toward developing a community-grounded creative practice or business

  • Identifying and unpacking cultural appropriation and the ways in which it undermine cultural wealth

  • Facilitating creative ecosystems that foster abundance and equity, particularly for artists from marginalized communities

  • Structuring and navigating boundaries around pricing, intellectual property, work practices, commitments, and relationships

  • Celebrating and championing the concept of cultural wealth, rich creativity, and abundance within marginalized communities 

  • Supporting honest dialogue around copying, intellectual property, and strategies for combating design theft 


Businesses, Schools &


Building a socially responsible,

inclusive and community-grounded creative organization, team, or business


Workshops & Lectures


Structuring a


Creative Business or Art Practice:  

one-on-one consultation 



Artists, Makers 

& Teachers

Craft & Practice: 

Meditations on Creativity & Ethics booklet


Craft & Practice: 

Creative Support



Consultation Inquiry

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