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Analytics & Digital Marketing for Creators & Small Biz Owners 

A Craft & Practice Series Workshop

With Lily Newman, moderated by Lise Silva Gomes


(5pm EST)


Enrollment is CLOSED

If you previously enrolled, your workshop recording is emailed within 24 hours of the live class. ( ---> For those that paid with PayPal: The email is sent to the address linked to your account unless you specified otherwise in the note)  Didn't get the email?  Check your spam filters!

Still didn't get it? email me at

Note: Recordings are not available to those that didn't sign up before enrollment closed

Workshop Description

Who is this class for? 

  • Artists, makers, designers & small business owners who share their work through social media and/or their website 

  • Creators/artists who want to understand how to interpret their analytics and gain insights to increase the visibility of their work online

  • Creative people who want a crash course on digital marketing basics and an overview of the tools that can use to support their practice

What is this workshop about? 

This 1.5 hour Zoom workshop is about supporting artists and makers of all mediums to understand digital analytics, marketing, and the tools at their disposal for increasing the visibility of their work online. Through an informative discussion with Digital Marketing Leader, Lily Newman,  you will better understand how to interpret and use analytical tools at your disposal. 


Who is your host?  My name is Lise (A Portuguese nickname, pronounced just like "Lizzie") have experience as a maker in handmade production, working in direct-to-consumer online retail, freelance, confronting design theft, hiring assistants, wholesale, consignment, custom commissions, craft fairs, working under contract, and publishing a craft book in 2020. I pass on the wisdom I have learned from study and experience for over 10 years as an independent freelance artist, small business owner, artist, and author. 


Our guest Lily Newman is a digital marketing strategist and e-commerce advisor with more than 10 years of industry experience, including direct-to-customer retail, fashion, food & beverage, and subscriptions. In this workshop, Lily makes the digital marketing analysis that she uses to enhance the profiles of big brands in her career accessible for small businesses, artists, makers, and creators of all mediums. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of your analytics and how digital marketing works. Lily has a passion for mission-driven brands, bringing a balanced creative & analytical approach with a consumer-first ethos. Her areas of specialization span content development, digital marketing, e-commerce, growth marketing, and marketing analytics.

The workshop, including an open Q & A. will last approximately 1.5 hours. You will leave with a pdf for further study.

(You can see the other classes in the Workshop Series on the series page HERE -- Classes are discounted when enrolling in the Lecture & Library package HERE

Class Goals:


  • Understanding how to interpret and utilize the digital analytics on your website & social media 

  • Learn some digital marketing basics and how to use the online tools at your disposal to increase your online visibility 

  • Discuss your challenges with a professional digital marketing strategist in a group Q&A

Logistical Notes:

  1. You will be sent the Zoom Link and any other necessary class details via email a few days before class begins

  2. Recordings of the class are sent within 48 hours after the live class and only made available for 30 days after the live class.

  3. There are no class refunds unless the class is cancelled due to unforeseen events, please familiarize with Zoom prior to the class because refunds are not given if you have technical difficulties. It is recommended to use Zoom on your laptop not a mobile device because the mobile app does not give you full capabilities to view/participate. 

  4. Although classes are structured interactively, you do not have to have your camera on during class. You can choose to interact or just observe. 

These super affordable workshops for artists can only continue with support!

Share this class page with someone you think might like to join us!  Thank you <3

Who is the guest speaker? 



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Three options to enroll : 

1. Use the Venmo button. Send $33 USD to @Lise-Silva : INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL in the comment & WHICH CLASS YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR

2. Use the Paypal button : Send $33 USD, INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL in the note & WHICH CLASS YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR

3.  Use the Credit/Debit button: Follow to completion, no other info is needed


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