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Welcome to 

Craft & Practice Workshop Series

Fall 2022

A seasonal resource providing tools, guidance, & support for artists, makers, and creators of all mediums in all stages of their creative practice

Series enrollment is closed

Individual class sign ups remain open until the morning of the class

See enrollment options & schedule near the bottom of the page

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Who is this workshop series for? 

Makers, artists, creators, performers, writers of all levels and mediums. 

  • In need of a reset or refresh for your practice? 

  • Just learning a new medium?

  • Have a thriving art practice but want new skills/tools?

  • Tapping into your creativity for the first time?

  • Want to be more invested in your personal art practice?

  • Want to engage in dialogue with other creative people?

  • Have a creative small business and looking for new resources?

  • Want to begin a creative small business?

  • Want to expand your creative network or community?

This workshop series aims to help you get clarity in these areas and more:


  • Articulating your intention & purpose in your creative practice

  • Developing a rich, community-grounded creative practice

  • Connecting to your authentic inspiration and creative vision

  • Sharing your creative work publicly & navigating boundaries

  • Sustaining a thriving personal or public creative practice

  • Developing a creative community 

  • Building your creative small business

** While you will have the convenience of recordings to watch classes when you want, the goal for this workshop is also to help you connect to a supportive creative community. You will have access to small group discussion by participating in the live classes & the private Discord group for crowd sourcing resources and post-class discussion.

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What Elements are

the Foundation of a Thriving Creative Practice?

Topics covered in this series include: 


Connecting to Your Authentic Inspiration

Developing a community-grounded creative practice

Freelance/ Small Business skills and tools

Planning Growth

Finding your Work Rhythm

We discuss finding the unique balance of elements that energizes your individual practice. 

Should I join?

  1. This workshop series is for ALL creative people at EVERY stage in their creative practice... So if you do something creatively : write, teach, draw, design, weave, etc, then you should join us. You do NOT need to have a public art practice or a creative career to join us. 

  2. By registering for the complete workshop series or lecture & library access you get: 

    1. A deeply discounted price on all classes (Please note: enrollment for packages which are offered at a deep discount end on Sept. (Individual class sign-ups are open after this date) 

    2. Access to class recordings

    3. Google calendar alerts for each workshop date 

    4. Access to the Craft & Practice Resource Well, an online space filled with articles, visualizations, and resources to explore on your own time.

    5. Access to the private Craft & Practice Discord Group

  3. By investing in this workshop series you are investing in your creative practice, supporting my work to create more spaces for transparent creative community dialogue, and by doing so, helping the creative community as a whole 

  4. Each class is interactive and you will gain tangible tips and techniques to focus, expand and develop your creative practice. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss, and get direct consultation within the classes. 

  5. This workshop series is a tax write off for all self employed people as a professional/career-building educational resource! 

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The Packages

1. Craft & Practice Complete Course, Lecture Series, & One on One consultation ($425)  

8 weeks   /   12 spots max 

  • 2 Interactive Small Group Incubators on Boundaries & Creating a Growth Plan 

  • 6 Weeks of Guest Lectures 

  • 1 45 min one-on-one consultation/ brainstorming/ check in 

  • Lifetime Access to the Craft & Practice Resource Well 

  • 6 month Access to 9 Archived 2021 Workshop Recordings  

  • Lifetime Access to the Private Discord


This is an enriching,  transformative container for artists, makers, teachers, writers, and other creators of all mediums and levels focused on providing you with resources and support toward your own creative development, goals and intentions. What’s super special about this pack is that it includes many facets of personal growth and development to offer you this network of support, inspiration and guidance including: small group conversation with similarly minded creative people, interacting with guest speakers, one-on-one consultations tailored to your practice, templates and exercises, and a vast archive of videos, essays, and media to absorb at your own pace.  In this course, I share my 10+ years of experience as a creative person who has experienced so many facets of work life as a working artist from freelance illustration, to authoring a published craft book, self-publishing, teaching, collaboration, jewelry design, installation, academic research, self-employed handmade business owner and more. I provide valuable, digestible information and it is my priority that each participant in this workshop finishes the course inspired with a toolkit and a guide to move forward, spiraling upward on their unique creative path. 

Meeting Schedule: 

Intention & Expansion Workshop - Sep 28 5:30 pm PST 

Lectures Sep 21 - Oct 27

Boundaries Workshop - Nov 1 5:30 pm PST

Consultations Openings - Booking Calendar open Oct-Nov 


The Small Group Creative Development Incubators:


In these two 2 hour interactive workshops, you will get informational handouts, templates and exercises to serve as a guideline.


Intention & Expansion 9/28

Setting Intentions

Uncovering Your Work Style

Building a Framework for your Practice 

Creating A Growth Timeline & Plan


Boundaries 11/1

Discovering Your Boundaries

Developing Policies, Professional Structure & Contracts

Boundary Communication & Difficult Conversations 

See class topics, lecture schedule, and guest lecture bios at the bottom of the page.

2. Library & Lectures : A Self-guided Course ($212)

6 weeks


  •  6 weeks of live guest workshops with recording access for 3+ months

  •  Lifetime Access to the Craft & Practice Resource Well - A self guided course

  •  Lifetime Access to the Private Craft & Practice Discord

  •  Optional Small Group Discussions and Check in's 

This pack gives you access to foundational material to dive into at your own pace. Including six workshops to attend live from 9/21 to 10/27 or revisit at your leisure over 3 months after the series ends (until January). This extended access to the video archive is not offered to those who sign up for individual workshops. All workshops are offered at a discount in this package. In addition, you have the Craft & Practice Resource Well at your disposal -- forever. The Resource Well is like an ever-growing, expanding library of podcasts, articles, exercises, videos and more on a wide range of creative topics like Boundaries, getting Freelance gigs, rekindling creativity, etc. Every year, I add new handouts, media, and more to the Resource Well. Your lifetime access to the Craft & Practice Resource Well is a great option for independent creators that want check out materials as needed slowly over time and consult the library as they continue to enrich their creative practices into the future. This option offers you a large discount over buying them individually. 

See class topics, lecture schedule, and guest lecture bios at the bottom of the page.

3. A La Carte Lectures : Individual Class Sign Up & Recording ($33)

1.5 - 2 hours each

  • The opportunity to attend a 1.5-2 hour class live via Zoom and interact in the Q&A with guest speakers

  • 1 month access to class recording after the live session

  • Lifetime access to the Private Craft & Practice Discord

Purchase access to individual classes which cost $33 each, using the links in the schedule below (Sign up links go live on 9/01). You don't have to attend live to attend the workshop! By signing up for the individual lectures you have 1 month access to the videos, which are emailed to all sign ups within 24 hours after the live class. 

See class topics, lecture schedule, and guest lecture bios at the bottom of the page.

Craft & Practice Resource Well Image.png

A Peek of the Craft & Practice Resource Well 

The Lecture Series



1. Analytics & Digital Marketing for Creators & Small Biz Owners

-- Lily Newman, moderated by Lise Silva Gomes


SEPT 21  -  WEDNESDAY  2pm PST (5pm EST)

Priced individually at $33

1.5 hrs including Q&A



2. Handmade Business: Tools & Strategies for Makers

-- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Melanie Abrantes


OCT 1 -  SATURDAY at 11am PST  (2pm EST)

Priced individually at $33

2 hrs including Q&A


3. Intentional Craft : Ethical Teaching & Learning 


-- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Kenya Miles


OCT 6 -  THURSDAY at 5:30pm PST  (8:30pm EST) 

Priced individually at $33

2 hrs including Q&A

4. Tracing Your Creative Ancestors: Threads of Inspiration

-- Lise Silva Gomes with Guest Noel Bennetto


OCT 11 -  TUESDAY at 3:30pm PST  (5:30pm EST) 

Priced individually at $33

2 hrs including Q&A

5. Creative Transformation: Navigating Transitions, Growth & Expansion of Your Creative Practice


--- Lise Silva Gomes with guest Sarah K Benning 

OCT 16 -  SUNDAY at 3:00pm PST  (6:00pm EST) 

Priced individually at $33

2 hrs including Q&A

6. Legal Protection for Artists: Copyright, Trademark, Contracts

--- MJ Botagin moderated by Lise Silva Gomes

OCT  27-  THURSDAY at 5:30pm PST  (8:30pm EST) 

Priced individually at $33

2 hrs including Q&A

Q & A 


  • Q: I participated in the 2021 Craft & Practice Workshop. Is there new information in this one or is it the same content?

    This session has all new content with minimal overlap! Even classes which have similar topics from the last session, like the small business class, will be explored from a totally new angle this time around with all new content and all new guest speakers.  

  • Q: What If I have technical problems?

    All classes are live Zoom classes, please familiarize with the site prior to class, to avoid technical or connection issues. Sign up and download the app to your phone prior to class or log in via computer. It is suggested you view workshops on a computer or tablet rather than mobile device because the mobile device isn't formatted to view the chat or keynote slides. If you miss the live class, no worries --  recordings of workshops are sent to all participants for later viewing.


  • Q: Can I skip the live class and watch later?

    Yes, recordings from the live classes, are sent to the email you provide at enrollment.

  • Q: How late can I enroll in the series?

  • Enrollment in the two packages are accepted until Sep 20. After this date, you can still sign up for individual workshops.

  • Q: Do you offer refunds?

  • This workshop series packages are deeply discounted and involves the payment of the many guest teachers so no refunds will be given. 

  • Q: Do you give Scholarships?

  • A few scholarships will be open for people who experience structural inequality and currently facing financial hardship. Stay tuned for an announcement on Instagram (@lisesilva) for Scholarship slots. You can also email me at, telling me a bit about yourself and why you would like to attend.


  • Out of respect for the workshop teachers and students, we ask that information specific to the  workshops are not share outside of the workshop except for what instructors give permission to share. 

    Questions? Email: 

The Guest Teachers

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Kenya Miles

A textile artist, teacher, farmer, and natural dyer, Kenya Miles is the founder of Blue Light Junction, a natural dye studio,  dye garden & educational facility in central Baltimore. Kenya is focused on growing, processing, and preserving the history of natural dyes and their artistic, practical, and commercial applications.

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Sarah K Benning

An artist and DIY designer working within the realm of contemporary embroidery, Sarah creates of one of a kind hand stitched artworks, thoughtfully designed DIY kits and patterns. She creates innovative new ways to expand and combine embroidery with other mediums and artistic formats as a fine artist, craftsperson, teacher, and small business owner.

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NoëL Bennetto

An artist and maker

who channels timeless, ancestral themes through her own unique voice, working across mediums and context with a cohesive, singular vision. Noël has developed a definitive symbology with deep meaning that feels both ancestral and modern, specific to her lineage yet also accessible and wearable for people of all backgrounds.

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Lily Newman

A digital marketing leader with more than 10 years of industry experience, including direct-to-customer retail, fashion, food & beverage, and subscriptions.


Lily has a passion for mission-driven brands, bringing a balanced creative & analytical approach with a consumer-first ethos. Her areas of specialization span content development, digital marketing, e-commerce, growth marketing, and marketing analytics.

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Melanie Abrantes

A designer, maker, teacher, author and founder of her company Melanie Abrantes Designs, a Bay Area-based producer of handcrafted, heirloom objects.


Melanie has maintained a thriving creative practice and retail business, working direct-to-consumer, offering products, subscriptions, kits and working with wholesale stockists.


She has been celebrated in a variety of national publications since founding her company in 2013. 

Untitled_Artwork 72_edited.jpg


MJ is a lawyer and author specializing in Arts/ Intellectual Property Law. He is a life long lover of the arts who was elected to serve as president of CLA (California Lawyers for the Arts).  For nearly 30 years, he has been a featured speaker for dozens of topics ranging from Artist-Gallery Agreements to Authors  Publishing Agreements to Public Art/ Muralists’ Rights, and more. He believes it is more important than ever for artists to obtain a general sense of the critical IP business issues they face, including copyright, trademark and licensing and provides accessible legal services and education to artists of all mediums. A new edition of his classic book, Legal Guide For The Visual Artists releases 8/30/22.

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