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Tracing Your Creative Ancestors through 
Inspiration & Ritual

A Craft & Practice Series Workshop

by Lise Silva Gomes Featuring:

Artist and maker, guest speaker Noël Bennetto

TUESDAY  OCT 11  @ 3:30pm PST  


Workshop Description

Who is this class for? 

  • Artists, makers, creators & designers of all mediums looking to connect or reconnect with their most authentic inspiration 

  • Artists looking to incorporate ancestor work or spirituality into their creative practice

  • Artists wanting to understand how ritual can help conjure creativity

  • Creative people wanting to create a cohesive symbology or archetype language for their work, drawn from their life experiences and ancestry

  • Creative people wanting to connect with inspiration in a way that generates unique creative expression instead of derivative copying

What is this workshop about? 

This 2 hour Zoom workshop is about supporting artists and makers of all mediums to identify the heart of their creative practice and pathways for expanding out in exciting new directions. Through lecture, exercises, and conversation you will gain new perspectives, tangible tools and inspiration for finding solace in transitioning and expanding your business and allowing your authentic creative expression space to take you down new paths. You will gain pdf handouts to work on after class for further study and have time to ask questions in the last half of the class.


Who is your host?  My name is Lise (A Portuguese nickname, pronounced just like "Lizzie") have experience as a maker in handmade production, working in direct-to-consumer online retail, freelance, confronting design theft, hiring assistants, wholesale, consignment, custom commissions, craft fairs, working under contract, and publishing a craft book in 2020. I pass on the wisdom I have learned from study and experience for over 10 years as an independent freelance artist, small business owner, artist, and author. 


After 45 minutes of lecture and interactive exercises, we will have a group discussion with our special guest, artist, and maker Noel Bennetto.  A prolific artist who creates textiles, garments, illustrations, puppets, and more, drawing from her ancestry in a way that feels timeless, yet modern, relatable, yet unique. Noël has a distinct visual language that evokes her Indigeneity, her personal experiences, and her family lineage of art/craft making. 

The workshop, including an open Q & A. will last approximately 2 hours. You will leave with a pdf for further study.

(You can see the other classes in the Workshop Series on the series page HERE -- Classes are discounted when enrolling in the Lecture & Library package HERE

Class Goals:


  • Identify your unique creative ancestry through a series of exercises and the threads to carry forward

  • Gain ideas for how you can call upon your ancestry through self inquiry exercises and rituals

  • Discuss our obstacles and learn new approaches, through a Q&A conversation with our guest

Logistical Notes:

  1. You will be sent the Zoom Link and any other necessary class details via email a few days before class begins

  2. Recordings of the class are sent within 48 hours after the live class and only made available for 30 days after the live class.

  3. There are no class refunds unless the class is cancelled due to unforeseen events, please familiarize with Zoom prior to the class because refunds are not given if you have technical difficulties. It is recommended to use Zoom on your laptop not a mobile device because the mobile app does not give you full capabilities to view/participate. 

  4. Although classes are structured interactively, you do not have to have your camera on during class. You can choose to interact or just observe. 

These super affordable workshops for artists can only continue with support!

Share this class page with someone you think might like to join us!  Thank you <3


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